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Aks Infotech’s cloud consulting team knows that we have to peel back a layer from a company’s computing environment to really understand the applications that power their business. A typical client that we work with may have literally hundreds—or even thousands—of apps that are powering their business. A hospital client we worked with had two thousand applications running their business: a time clock app, payroll app, a lab equipment management app, patient apps, staff scheduling and much more.

Our process began with a discovery session to determine what our client’s environment looked like, including what was on premise and what was in the cloud. We discovered apps running in the cloud that IT didn’t know about and couldn’t secure—the so-called dreaded shadow IT.

We also determined which apps were essential and which could be moved to the cloud. For example, a pharmacy inventory app ran once per month for a few hours. By moving it to the cloud, we helped the hospital set up a job schedule, pay for the hours that it runs each month and stop worrying about scheduling or expenditures. This fully automated process freed up resources and IT staff to focus on higher value activities.

Aks Infotech’s cloud consultants worked closely with hospital staff to determine cloud and virtualization decisions in collaboration with healthcare staff; compliance and productivity were both taken into consideration, and a customized rollout of cloud resources developed as a result.

Our cloud consulting team treats each client as a unique opportunity to discover which processes can benefit from cloud resources, and how to choose the right plan to help the client reach their business goals quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

How the Cloud Consultants of Aks Infotech Solutions Group Help You Migrate to a More Cost Effective, Efficient Model:

Aks Infotech Solutions Group and its Cloud Business Unit, MessageOps, have built strong partnerships with cutting-edge cloud technology providers such as Microsoft, Veeam, IBM, Seagate and others. Our Cloud consulting services will strategically guide you in the right direction and help you determine whether the public, private, or hybrid cloud is right for your business needs as you merge your server, storage, application and desktop virtual initiatives.

With our Cloud consulting, Aks Infotech is committed to helping you discover how to leverage the cloud as part of a broader IT service delivery strategy. We provide the full package of Cloud Services:

Aks Infotech’s Cloud Computing products and services help you lower costs, increase your business’ productivity and reduce risk. Our leading-edge technologies and expert cloud consultants will work with you to assess your needs and determine the right cloud solution for your organization at a reasonable price.

Aks Infotech Solutions Group has over 50 years of expertise in delivering customized information technology solutions across all platforms for midsized to large organizations. Our people want to work with your people. For more information, visit or contact us at 6093014607 to learn how our proven methodology can help your organization increase productivity, reduce costs and mitigate risks.

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