Data Lifecycle Management

AKS has assisted hundreds of companies in developing data lifecycle management (DLM) and information lifecycle management policies and procedures. We understand that data management has become increasingly important, especially as businesses face regulations regarding particular types of data. Our policy-based approach to managing the flow of your company's information is our cornerstone. From the creation and initial storage of information to the time it is deleted, we can help you design an ILM system that will not only reduce your storage costs but also increase your company's productivity.

Our data management experts stress that DLM is not a simple product, but rather a comprehensive approach to managing an organization's data, involving procedures and practices in addition to applications. Our time tested approach is simple.

Step 1: Discovery

We discover what your data looks like today. We take into account:

Step 2: Analysis

Our data management engineers thoroughly analyze what we have discovered through our tools. They get a true understanding of

Step 3: Recommendation

We present what we have discovered and analyzed and recommend a DLM solution that best fits the needs of your company. We take into consideration:

Step 4: Implementation

Based on our discussions with you and your team, we will implement the agreed upon DLM solution, from policy-based ILM specifics and the automation of data migrations from one tier of storage to another, based on the policy criteria.

Step 5: Ongoing Support

Finally, we are committed to supporting all of our solutions and recommendations. Two times a year, we analyze and score how we are doing with the ILM objectives that have been set in place.

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