How To Develop, Implement and Maintain Healthcare Security Solutions

Healthcare organizations are very lucrative targets for attackers. Healthcare data brings in ten times the money that credit card data does, and according to a Brookings report, one third of the US population's health data has been compromised over the course of 1000+ healthcare data breaches since 2009. This has IT security teams scrambling to protect their organizations' data, patients and staff from cybercriminals.

AKS Infotech Group works with healthcare organizations that need to develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive IT security program which addresses all potential security issues. Security is a moving target, given the complexity of healthcare IT systems and the vast number of devices and people these systems impact. The goal is an all-reaching security plan that encompasses everything from patient portals and billing systems to mobile devices and examination room terminals, all while maintaining TJC (The Joint Commission) Environment of Care and HIPAA requirements.

Now Is The Time To Engage

These striking losses to the healthcare industry will only continue to increase, unless change is implemented now. AKS worked with one particular healthcare organization where we found that they had been compromised just prior to the start of our engagement. Although they initially engaged AKS to prevent data loss, our security experts also helped the client by implementing a real-time reporting solution which gave them increased visibility and control over their environment. This greatly improved their security posture as a whole, and we take pride in the fact that they have not had a single incident since their solution went live.

Cyberattacks continue to evolve and become more strategic and more distinctly targeted. Healthcare organizations cannot risk downtime due to an attack, especially since the healthcare industry is a 24x7x365 operation and downtime is not only bad for business but can also jeopardize patient care. Regardless of your organization's security posture, the best time to engage us is now.

What Makes A Healthcare Organization Vulnerable

Here are some of the key shortfalls that leave organizations most vulnerable to attack, and some of the most common things that AKS addresses during a data security analysis:

Healthcare Customers who Trust AKS:

Too often, those on the top floors exhibit a lack of urgency when it comes to security. It is tempting to see IT security as just a technical issue, and not a business issue. This can be a critical mistake. AKS works with healthcare organizations to put into place a formal security process that engages top-level leadership. This gives security initiatives more of a push, and allows greater ease in any necessary organizational culture shifts.

What AKS Delivers

As cybercrime becomes more strategic and directed, healthcare organizations will continue to be increasingly targeted. AKS counters this with forward-thinking and sophisticated security solutions which are designed around integrated tools to bring centrally managed security architecture to fruition. Our solutions are easy to customize based on your needs, and when we develop your security posture, we will employ the advanced strategies and tactics that are required in facing today's rapidly evolving cyber threats. We at AKS are your SME security partner, and we will show you an easy, cost-effective path to addressing an encompassing security posture for your healthcare organization.

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Contact our knowledgeable team today to learn how our 50 yearsof experience can empower your organization to reduce costs, increase productivity, and mitigate risks.

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