Data capacity planning & management

Due to decreasing disk prices, effective storage capacity planning allows data storage administrators to delay disk purchases until they are really needed. Aks Infotech understands that saving money on unused storage resources enables organizations to better allocate their storage budgets. Our capacity planning services determine how storage is being allocated today, what applications are causing growth and how to plan for and forecast future storage requirements.

Our methodology follows a simple five step process:

Step 1: Discovery

Through questionnaires, workshops and automated discovery tools, we discover what your current data capacity is today, what it was yesterday and what do we believe it will be tomorrow. We make sure to interview your IT team as well as your business units in order to understand all aspects of data growth.

Step 2: Analysis

Our consultants analyze your company's current requirements, including

Step 3: Recommendation

Both in writing and via a presentation, we offer our findings and recommend a go-forward plan. Our recommendations take into consideration your business alignment, technology enhancements and operation changes.

Step 4: Implementation

We focus on implementing the agreed upon recommendations.

Step 5: Ongoing Support

Two times a year, we measure to see if the capacity plan that has been implemented is working correctly and meeting company objectives. Is the technology that was implemented working as it should? How can we adapt the current strategy to meet changing business or compliance demands?
A solid capacity planning methodology such as AKS's offers many benefits to the companies that adopt it. Reduced risk, making sure you are within budget, ensuring that your technology can handle your growth requirements, and ensuring your mission-critical data is always available.

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