Network Security / Firewall

How Our User Management and Access Control Solutions Work for you:

Traditional Firewall solutions are no longer enough to secure your environment. AKS recommends Palo Alto Firewalls as a next-generation solution to deliver maximum application visibility and control, enabling you to accurately determine what the network traffic is and then use that result as the basis for all security policy decisions. In addition, this solution will ensure that policy controls are implemented to selectively decrypt, inspect and control applications using SSL.

Firewall Must-Haves:
  • Eliminate the blind spot in corporate defenses by insisting on bi-directional SSL identification, decryption and inspection on any port
  • Identify, manage, and control circumvention tools such as external proxies, encrypted tunnel applications and remote server management tools
  • Prevent costly data breaches and loss of intellectual property by detecting advanced threats and/or recognize a different function/feature introduced in the session as a shift and perform policy check
  • Allowing application functionality while controlling the transfer of files and scanning for threats based on content, not ports
  • Scale performance and throughput to successfully counter cyber attacks
AKS Delivers:
  • Free Evaluation / Security Profile Assessment – Evaluations solve two major security concerns: (1) demonstrating "always-on" application visibility and (2) proving the performance of the single pass engine with "all features enabled" on the customer network
  • Application Visibility Report (AVR) – Presents a summary of applications and any threats discovered over a 7-day evaluation. With a snapshot of the customer's network, we deliver a security assessment and review of the next generation platform business impact
Key Benefits:
Datacenter Security
  • Extend security policies to enforce security based on users and applications instead of ports and protocols
  • Extend security policies to enforce access based on geographic region easily and completely
Firewall Refresh
  • Flexible connectivity options enable inspection on multiple segments
  • Inspect traffic at layer 2, layer 3 or transparently
  • Interoperate with existing equipment
  • Processors dedicated to task, i.e. Control Plane, Data Plane and Encryption/Decryption
Intrusion Protection System (IPS) Refresh
  • Move beyond simple attack signature detection to add vulnerability-based signatures and non-signature detection capabilities
  • Network IPS adds "block attacks and let everything else through" security enforcement to the "deny everything except that which is explicitly allowed" policy enforcement
Web/URL Gateway License Renewal
  • Remove dependence on outside services to process URLs
  • Allow/deny access based on users or groups (also globally)
  • Streamline the filtering process to reduce latency
  • Eliminate the maintenance stream by eliminating outboard compute resources for URL Filtering/Proxy services
SSL Inspection
  • Enforce security policy on traffic your firewall is blind to
  • Decrypt/re-encrypt traffic in a seamless manner
  • Interoperate with your on premise PKI
  • Selectively inspect traffic while protecting "sensitive" user traffic (i.e. Online Banking, Healthcare)

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