Mobile Security and Governance

Today's workforce is constantly shifting, from remote workers and Bring Your Own Device Policies to companies with satellite offices across the globe. We work with clients every day who face bigger mobile security and governance challenges than ever before—and who need a partner to help them determine the right way to protect their most sensitive data against external hackers and internal leaks.

Recently, AKS Infotech's Enterprise Mobility Services team worked with a client to develop mobile security solutions that balanced their team's desire for flexible device access with the reality that they were regularly handling protected data. Each employee purchasing their own devices and handling (or ignoring) software updates created challenges—and when your CEO uses an iPhone and your CFO is committed to Android, mobility security is even more complex.

To understand how BYOD was impacting this client's mobile security, we ran a test on the company's mobile devices and learned that one of the IT team's phones was rooted. A rooted phone is one that's running an unlicensed version of its operating system, with holes that make it very unsecure. Identifying this security risk demonstrated the importance of clarifying the company's Enterprise rights and policies—and implementing advanced mobility security systems to keep their mobile environment secure. The company established a minimum security policy for employee mobile devices and incorporated customized systems to help them monitor ongoing risk and compliance.

After implementing an advanced EMS system that used machine learning to allow for more sophisticated data collection, it was easy for the IT team to identify and address potential issues. Managers could tell at a glance when a device inside the network attempted to log into other systems, ensuring secure internal operations and a secure perimeter. This monitoring system also allowed the client's IT department to understand the web applications employees were using and address any related security threats. They learned, for example, that employees were using mobile devices to access ten times the number of web applications the company originally planned for. The IT team was able to establish clear policies and management practices around access rights to web applications and social channels, taking all the necessary steps for a fully secure mobile environment.

Our latest tools and a customized plan—backed by 50 yearsof service and our proprietary analysis and implementation strategies—can also help you develop an integrated Enterprise Mobility strategy that meets your company's individual needs.

How We Protect Your Data

We'd be honored to become part of your mobile community watch program. To fight the constant barrage of outside threats, user errors, and technical flaws, security and risk management require teamwork, and we are truly excited to become part of your team.

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