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Secures Apps to Maintain Work-Life Balance

A saying from medieval war times goes, "A great wall is only as good as its door." If people can run in or out, you aren't secure. Your company's security is no different. You can have the tightest perimeter, but meanwhile do you know what types of documents are being sent from the inside?

We had a client once who had the most amazing perimeter protection money could buy. Because nobody could penetrate their system, they thought that they were completely safe inside its walls. Meanwhile, many of their employees had access to sensitive information. The security challenge in this case was that people on the inside could compromise the system's security way too easily, including accidentally, by doing something as commonplace as sending an email to the wrong person.

Imagine that your CFO mistakenly sends a complete customer list to your accounting firm, which the recipient then opens up on his phone. Now you're dealing with a potentially harmful security breach without even being aware that data was leaked.

Our company recognizes that work is no longer a place you go, but something that stays with you invisibly on all your devices; therefore, making your network both mobile-friendly and secure is our priority. If you put a Data Loss Prevention policy around your documentation, it doesn't matter what you have on your mobile device because that information will be protected.

What we did in the case of our client who was so well shielded from the outside was develop a policy that protected the company from internal leaks. We implemented multi-level identification before secure emails could be opened. We also enabled an auto-expire feature so that secure emails were only available to be opened for a set amount of time. We disabled screen print, screen share, and other printing capabilities on internal documents. This comprehensive approach ensured that the company was secure from internal breaches.

At AKS Infotech, we're about holistic security and helping companies develop a system that works for them, protecting them from every angle and every eventuality.

We Can Offer Your Employees a Mobile Work-Life Balance

Since mobile is the new office, apps help your employees access information when they need it and achieve a satisfying work-life balance. Mixing of personal and company data on the same mobile device is inevitable, especially for Millennial employees. It's the ultimate open office plan, and the new way to work. But what happens if a mobile device goes missing or is stolen? What if it's left in a cab? What happens when an employee separates from the company?

We provide security services and end-to-end mobile access that integrates fully with your current system. We'll take into account your existing applications, future development plans, and the ratio of company-owned vs. personal devices.

At AKS Infotech Group, we know that the office today can be virtually anywhere. We want to help your company take advantage of that, while maintaining complete data security. We're passionate about helping people achieve their goals and we realize that work-life balance is a big part of that picture. We'll help you keep your company's data safe while providing you and your employees the personalized workspace you want.

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